Some countries e.g Australia and Canada have various streams for skilled professionals who will want to move permanently to their countries. There are some similarities in the criteria set out by these countries and various parameters such as age, education, professional experience, English language proficiency, adaptability, spouse’s level of education and English skill are assessed and rated to determine eligibility.

These two countries have processes and various stages that must be passed before finally getting visas approved for migration. We have a division dedicated to this service. Our team of experts working with migration professionals for proper guidance and legal advice are ready to assist you throughout the whole process for positive outcome.

Australia alone has various visa options that can earn applicants a permanent residency. Our Migration professionals will carefully check your circumstance and are able to give the best advice that will suit your case. Also, Canada has various visa categories and our team of experts can assess your eligibility for various categories before advising you on the best route for you.


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